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Water Treatment

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Water Doctor offers a complete line of the finest water conditioning and filtration equipment available in today’s market. For every type of water conditioning demand (hardness, high iron concentrations, acidity, and odor) Water Doctor can provide safe, dependable and quality products to do the job.

Products are only part of the answer. Water Doctor has the trained staff to do the job right.

With specific questions regarding water quality or if you suspect your home may have a water quality problem, ask for Jeff Schilkowski when calling Water Doctor, at 1-704-909-9258



Problem Possible Cause Remedy
Cloudy Water or Particles Suspended Matter in Water Various Cartridge Filters Available
Bad Taste or Smell Organic Matter Activated Carbon Filter or Aeration
Stains on Dishes, Fixtures; Scale in Water Heater and Plumbing Hardness, Calcium and Magnesium Water Softener
Metallic Taste to Water, Brown to Black Stains on Porcelain Iron or Manganese Small Amounts by Water Softener, Larger Amounts by Iron Filter & Softener
‘Rotten Egg’ Smell Hydrogen Sulfide Air Injection System
Blue Stains on Copper Piping Low PH Neutralizer or Chemical Injection System

This chart is intended to act as a general guide only. A water test is essential before
any water conditioning system would be recommended.

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